Fondant Maxi


This machine has been developed especially for the application of spray or diluted fondant. Using this machine will save both time and product. The spray image produced by the spray gun is adjustable. Useful for example for the spraying of circular or flat objects or for decoration. The quantity of product can also be adjusted by regulating the setting of the spray gun and the pressure on the pump. This robust machine is for the rest fitted with a special spray gun with a stainless steel spraying nozzle, an electrically heated fluid hose and a supply chamber. The spray gun head is heated during use to prevent the fondant becoming hard in the spray nozzle. The machine is also fitted with regulating devices for: Temperature, vaporization pressure and pump pressure.

  • Filling capacity: 18 Litre
    Voltage: 220/240 V 50/60 Hz
    Other voltages available on request
    Capacity: Heating capacity 2000 Watt
    Dimensions: 420 x 400 x 750 mm ( LxWxH)
    Short heating-up interval, always ready for use
    Precise digital temperature control
    Easily adjusted spray image: for the application of a layer of fondant or for strip decoration
    All fluid ducts are manufactured from high-quality materials such as stainless steel and special plastics
    Special low-pressure vaporizing spray gun
    Weight: 37 KG
    Constructed in compliance with HACCP guidelines and CE norms
    Machine is supplied without compressor